Why Charter?

Air travel is more inconvenient and more challenging every day. From rules that require you to arrive up to 2 hours before departure to the lack of service on the aircraft, airline travel can be a huge hassle. Consider air charter instead:

Do business on YOUR scheduleAir Charter is flexible. Need an extra hour to close the deal at your meeting? Generally not a problem. Did your appointment get done early? Great, we'll get you home in time for dinner.
Flight time can be productive timeAre you going to discuss confidential company business on board a commercial flight? Of course not. Our aircraft are secure and private - don't read a boring airline magazine during your flight, get some work done.
Get closer to your final destinationOnly a small fraction of our Nation's airports are serviced by airlines. Why are you driving an hour or more when you land at your destination when air charter can get you that much closer?

Why Seneca Flight Operations?

Now that you know why you should fly charter - why fly Seneca Flight Operations?
SafetyDid you know that many flight crew candidates we reject get hired by the airlines? Our standards are simply higher than many of the airlines. The primary mission of Seneca Flight Operations is to provide the safest air transportation available. Period. That mission supersedes a number of other motivations common in the business world.
ReputationSeneca Flight Operations has been flying aircraft safely since 1956 - can any of the airlines match that safety record? Our employment standards for flight crews exceed those of most major airlines. When you climb aboard a Seneca Flight Operations aircraft, you can rest assured your flight crew has met among the most stringent standards for the air charter industry.
Financial strengthMany other charter operators are Limited Liability Corporations. They do this to shield owners and limit liability for any flight incidents. Seneca Flight Operations is owned and operated by Seneca Foods Company, a $1.5 Billion processor of fruits and vegetables. The reputation (and financial strength) of Seneca Foods Corporation rides on every flight.

Seneca Flight Operations is a recognized leader in air charter services. You can trust in Seneca Flight Operations for your aviation needs. Once you do, you’ll wonder why you ever used airlines.


Consider the two scenarios below comparing air charter to traditional air travel. Who gets the sale?

Scenario #1

Bill arrived at the airport at 4:30 AM for his 6:00 AM flight to New York. After waiting in line at the counter and at the security checkpoint, Bill boards his plane and arrives at JFK airport. Thirty minutes later he has made his way through the terminal and boards a cab for the 45+ minute cab ride into Manhattan.

Bill arrives at 9:00 AM and hurriedly puts together and presents his proposal. Additional questions will have to be answered by email as Bill has a 4:30 PM flight and cannot miss it.

Bill sits in traffic and arrives at JFK 45 minutes before departure. After running through the airport only to be delayed at security, Bill manages to board his plane and arrives at his home airport at 5:30 PM. He is exhausted and the potential client is upset Bill couldn’t stay around for additional questions.

Scenario #2

Mary arrived at the airport FBO at 7:00 AM. She is greeted by the Seneca Flight crew and after a brief security check she boards the aircraft for Teterboro, New Jersey.

Touching down at 8:00 AM, Mary travels the short distance to Manhattan, arriving early enough to prepare the room for her presentation. Even though Mary is scheduled to depart at 3:00 PM, delaying the departure to address additional questions isn’t a concern.

Mary calls the Seneca Flight crew upon leaving her appointment and the crew has the aircraft ready to depart when she arrives. Five minutes later, Mary is airborne and on her way home. She reviews her proposal materials and notes as she flies home. She arrives at her home airport at 4:00 PM, takes the time to write a thank you note to her potential clients and arrives home in time to join her family for dinner.

Who do you think had a better chance of getting the sale? Get a charter quote.

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