About Seneca Flight Operations

In 1956 Seneca Flight Operations started out as a one-man pilot operation, providing corporate air transportation for our parent company’s (Seneca Foods) executives using a 2,500 foot gravel runway and a twin engine prop-plane located in Penn Yan, New York. Our mission at that time was to meet the corporate travel needs of the small juice company located in Dundee, New York.

Today, Seneca Flight is now a recognized and respected charter operator. Still located at the Penn Yan – Yates County Airport, Seneca has replaced its twin engine piston plane with several Cessna Citation jets with a single jet located in Janesville, WI. Much of Seneca Flight's success is owed to our parent company's accomplishments. Seneca Foods, much like Seneca Flight, has expanded and improved its operations to become a $1.5 billion world leader in agribusiness.

As Seneca has expanded, so has the airport - extending the gravel runway to a 3,500ft paved runway and constructing a 5,500ft runway which facilitates the vast majority of Penn Yan – Yates County airport's traffic. Seneca Flight, under an agreement with the county, manages and maintains the airport as well as all of its facilities, structures, and equipment. This includes plowing snow in the winter, mowing grass in the summer, and any general maintenance in between. Seneca Flight also owns and operates the only F.B.O on the field with both Jet A and 100LL fuel, providing service to anyone who visits our airport in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region.

We thank you for your interest in Seneca Flight Operations and hope to serve you in the future – whether as a charter customer or a visitor to our airport.

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About Seneca Foods

At Seneca, we believe that everyone deserves year-round access to great-tasting food that's also great for you. That's why we're bringing families and organizations all over the world real food that's nutritious, affordable, and delicious.

We source the majority of our high-quality fruits and vegetables from over 3,000 American farms in order to support agriculture and employment here in the USA. Since our first days in 1949, we've been dedicated to our fantastic customers, growers, suppliers, and to each and every one of our 3,500 loyal employees.

By remaining committed to those we serve, we're going to continue growing as the leader in the fruit and vegetable industry. At Seneca, we're still doing things the way we always have - the right way. Think globally, grow locally.

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