Our Staff - Queen Elsa the Basset Hound

Queen Elsa the Basset Hound

Official Mascot/Spokes-dog

Queen Elsa is our newest mascot. Her job is to let our valued customers know we allow their beloved pets on board our aircraft. Elsa makes sure our dog treats are "Queen Approved" and insures the carpets of our aircraft are clean and comfortable. Her hobbies include sleeping, giving most everyone she meets sloppy wet kisses, barking and howling at any strange mutts who wander onto airport property and sleeping. Did we mention sleeping?

Contact Queen Elsa the Basset Hound

Phone: She can't talk either (but she can bark)

About Us

In 1956 Seneca Flight Operations started out as a one-man pilot operation. Our mission at that time was to meet the corporate travel needs of the small juice company located in Dundee, New York.

Today, Seneca Flight is now a recognized and respected charter operator. Still located at the Penn Yan – Yates County Airport, Seneca has replaced its twin engine piston plane with several Cessna Citation jets with a single jet located in Janesville, WI. Much of Seneca Flight's success is owed to our parent company's accomplishments. Seneca Foods, much like Seneca Flight, has expanded and improved its operations to become a $1.5 billion world leader in agribusiness.

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